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            Jorge Rodriguez Mr.
            Time:2012/6/24 1:21:11
              I am with Premium Coatings Of Texas near Dallas, Texas. I would like to know if you have a distributor in Texas. Thank you, Jorge Rodriguez Premium Coatings Of Texas
            Customer service reply:
            Hi,Dear Jorge,

            Thanks for your inquiry.

            we had asked sales manager Susan to contact you ASAP.

            anything helpful just feel free to contact her email:susanjyfan@gmail.com
            劉先生 先生
            Time:2011/11/20 10:34:40
            Customer service reply:
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            Yueyang Intech Synthetic Materials Co., Ltd
            Customer Service  Telephone: +86-730-8416568 Fax: +86-730-8416899
            Website: www.kittycd.com
            Email: sales@intech-mat.net    info@intech-mat.net
            Address: Hunan Yueyang Green Chemical Industrial Park ICP for 10202456-1