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            High tech -ABS materials gets technical support in China

            Update time:2012/8/10 Clicks:7442

            Daqing Petrochemical plant took nearly a thousand times the test, test, now R&D dept. of ABS600nm scale up production experiment was a success.

             ABS600 nm in diameter of agglomerating latex grafting test is carried out  as their plan. this research project shall fill gaps in the domestic, to provide technical support high-tech ABS resin materials.

            ABS600 nm in diameter of agglomerating latex has excellent low viscosity, good flowability, high strength and fighting ability, it can significantly improve product performance, especially with small particle size of agglomerating latex binding , with more excellent strength and better impact resistance . At the same time, large particle agglomerating latex can also develop special ABS resin such as plastic alloy and so on.

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