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            Salary and Welfare
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                                                                       Salary and Welfare

            Salary philosophy:

            Company implements different duties with different payment, with the dynamic rewardsfor variable management.To build open, fair, transparent,competitive salary system and also keep constantly glowth,eg.the employees income increases by 3-8% on average.

            Salary structure:

            Job skills wage + all kinds of subsidies+ monthly performance reward + annual performance bonus besides,especially for the sales team, R&D person, our factory will adopt other flexible and various incentives.
            Welfare :

            Five Social Security Insurance: Employees are entitled to the factory under the relevant provisions of the Chinese government to provide the social insurance and welfare, including: pension insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance, social health insurance, ,work injury insurance, childbearing insurance .

            Vacation welfare:

             Our employees enjoy the national legal holiday eg: Chinese Spring Festival holiday 7-15 days;

            Other staff welfare: company generous benefits, of the goods and organize rich and colorful sports entertainment activities;

            Accommodation welfare:
            Our factory provide free dormitory air conditioning, bathroom, and built the recruit, canteen, etc.


            there are badminton room, table tennis room and other facilities to enrich employees' daily life.

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